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Warm Slow Poached Butter Wild Georgia Shrimp
Warm Slow Poached Butter Wild Georgia Shrimp
1 lb of GA wild shrimp(the best of the best),peeled and deveined, tail on
1 lb unsalted butter
3 T water
1 bay leaf
hot sauce (you decide the heat level)
Cayenne pepper (again, you decide the heat level)
4 T Worcestershire sauce
zest of 1 lemon
uice from zested lemon
6 grinds fresh white pepper
1 loaf of a crusty baguette
chopped parsley

In a glass bowl, combine shrimp, hot sauce, and dry rub. Cover and chill for at least one hour. In a sauce pan set over medium heat, combine remaining ingredients, except the bread and parsley; combine well. When the butter has melted,lower heat to medium-low. Before adding the shrimp, check the seasoning; add as needed. Add the shrimp;let sit for 2 minutes. GENTLY stir the shrimp(remember: low and slow; this is poaching not boiling)for 6 to 8 minutes. Shrimp should be pink and slightly firm. Cut the bread on an angle, and place in the bottom of a bowl. Spoon some shrimp and sauce on top of the bread; garnish with parsley. This dish is very rich, so I suggest you serve it as an appetizer.**