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Steak Sandwich with zesty tomato mayonnaise
Steak Sandwich with zesty tomato mayonnaise
7 ounces Angus flank steak
2 T Montreal Steak seasoning
1 T coarse ground black pepper
1 T Worchester sauce
2 T veg oil
Tomato Mayonnaise
1 cup heavy duty mayo
1 cup Heinz 57 sauce
2 T cayenne pepper hot sauce
1 T Worchester sauce

STEAK: Combine all but the steak to create marinade Slice flank very thin after trimming, but not so much on the bias as usual, a straighter cut will prevent the meat from sticking and shredding. Marinate for 24 hours MAYONNAISE: Whip all ingredients until totally combined SANDWICH: Preheat non-stick pan add steak and a light amount of oil sear beef for 3 minutes or until just cooked through Serve on a rustic roll or your favorite toasted bread with the tomato mayonnaise

Recipes done on site by Exec Chef Christopher Effa, Doubletree Atlanta Northwest.