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Roasted Butter nut squash
Roasted Butter nut squash
1 Butter nut Squash
1 pack of Polenta (Grits)
2 c of chicken stock (see note)
1/4 c of Heavy cream
1 c of milk
1/4 c finely grated Parmesan

Set oven to 350. Cut the Squash in half and remove seeds. Sprinkle cut side with salt and pepper. Roast in the oven until soft about 45 min to an hour. Set aside to cool. In a sauce pan add the chicken stock and milk, bring to a boil. Add the right amount of Polenta in a steady stream and cook until semi thick. After the squash has cooled scoop out the pulp. Add it to the Polenta and stir. Taste and check for seasoning. Add 1/4 stick butter, cream and cheese. Blend well. Taste and RE SEASON.

From the Cooks Illustrated tasting labs. While choking down dozens of dreadful chicken broths for our May/June 2005 story "Preferred Stock," we stumbled across a handful of supermarket brands that weren't half-bad. As good as homemade? Not quite--but palatable enough to have on hand when we don't have time to make stock from scratch. Since then, we've received numerous letters from readers curious about the more expensive, "gourmet" products available online or at specialty stores. Could we get even closer to homemade by spending a few more dollars? We brought a half-dozen upscale brands into the test kitchen to find out. Tasters sampled one upscale stock, two "bases" (chicken stock reduced down to a paste), and two "demi-glaces" (in this case, a long-simmered reduction of chicken, vegetables, aromatics, gelatin, and wine) prepared regular strength as hot soup. We also included a batch of homemade chicken broth along with our top three supermarket brands: Swanson Certified Organic broth, Better Than Bouillon base, and Swanson "Natural Goodness" broth. The winner was no surprise: Homemade stock, with its forward hit of real chicken flavor, was the hands-down favorite. More interesting was how poorly the upscale brands did compared with our supermarket favorites. The two demi-glaces, Williams-Sonoma Chicken Demi-Glace ($29 for 10 ounces, 27 servings) and Glace de Poulet Gold Classic Roasted Chicken Stock ($28.50 for 16 ounces, 41 servings) tied for dead last. In both cases, tasters felt the chicken flavor was too "faint" to stand up to the syrupy, "coffeelike" consistency and artificial wine flavors. ("I'll add my own wine, thank you," said one participant.") Williams-Sonoma's basic chicken stock ($5 for 32 ounces, 4 servings) did only slightly better, with tasters complaining of "burnt, vegetal notes" and an absence of hearty chicken flavor. Our three supermarket brands tied for second place, just edging out Redi-Base RC Chicken Base ($10.95 for 16 ounces, 80 servings), which tasters generally liked but found too salty. Recommended: The only upscale product that was noticeably better tasting than the supermarket brands was Minor's Chicken Base ($10.90 for 16 ounces, 80 servings), which we bought at a local gourmet store. Tasters liked the "clean," "balanced" flavors and "rich, chickeny complexity," devoid of the predominant vegetable notes added to supermarket brands to bolster their flavor profiles.