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Pecan crusted fried chicken breasts
Pecan crusted fried chicken breasts
3-4 Tbl. CaFM Love rub divided
2 cups of All Purpose flour
2 cups of pecan halves (use a food processor to make pecan flour)
2 whole chicken breasts
3 whole eggs

Make pecan flour by pulsing the 2 cups of pecans till it resembles flour. In a med bowl whisk the eggs and season them with LOVE RUB. Season the chicken also with LOVE RUB. In a medium skillet Begin heating about 4 cups of vegetable oil. Dip the chicken into the beaten eggs then into the pecan flour. Shake off excess flour and begin frying. Cook until golden done about 5-6 minutes per side if not too thick.

Done at the Cordele Watermelon Festival 2006