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Pastry Wrapped Tenderloin with Duxelle
Pastry Wrapped Tenderloin with Duxelle
Serves: 8 - 10

1 Pork Tenderloin (recipe will also work with Veal Tenderloin)
1 sheet Frozen Pastry dough
3 Tbs Clarified butter (slowly melt a stick of butter, spoon off whey floating on top, and use clear liquid above)
10- 12 Fresh Sweet Basil leaves
4-6 slices Thinly sliced bacon
1 Egg (beat to create egg wash for pastry dough)

Sear the Tenderloin: To sear the Tenderloin use the BigGreenEgg at 600ยบ +, or do the searing on a very high heat burner. Add clarified butter to cold pan and heat to high heat. As butter begins to turn brown, add tenderloin (seasoned with salt and pepper) to pan and sear on all sides. Surface of tenderloin should be golden brown. Once seared, Wrap Tenderloin in foil and set aside. Assemble: Follow package instructions to thaw pastry dough and roll out sheet. Lay slices of bacon across pastry dough so that strips run away from you on the sheet. Place generous amount of basil leaves across the strips from left to right in the center of the bacon strips. Place seared tenderloin atop basil leaves, and wrap bacon strips around tenderloin. Pipe duxelle (see separate recipe for duxelle) around both lengths of bacon-wrapped tenderloin, where tenderloin meets the pastry sheet. Wrap pastry dough around tenderloin and trim so that minimal overlapping of dough occurs. Bake on 400 deg. BGE on high-heat baking sheet. Let rest for 12 -15 minutes. When cooled slightly carefully slice into medallions with a serrated knife and serve.

See Duxelle recipe on this site. This fine recipe was performed live at EggtoberFest 2005 on Saturday October 15th 2005 by Eric Holdo with Kevin Jenkins holding the microphone. It was hot.