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Pasta with mushrooms and spinach
Pasta with mushrooms and spinach
Serves: 4

1 lb of fresh pasta(your choice)
2 lbs of mixed sliced mushrooms(try King Oyster mushrooms)
2 lbs of fresh washed spinach

In a large sauté pan with a little butter over med heat begin sautéing the mushrooms. Season with S&P. These mushrooms will take about 15 minutes to cook. When the mushrooms are finished remove to a bowl, wipe out the pan and add a little butter. Again on medium high, add the spinach and begin sautéing. In your pasta pot add a little salt and cook your pasta (remember that fresh pasta cooks much faster so watch it.) When the pasta and spinach are done add them to the bowl of mushrooms. Toss and enjoy! This is a very earthy dish which really highlights the mushrooms 

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