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Mango, Craisin & Tomato Salsa
Mango, Craisin & Tomato Salsa
Serves: Makes 1 pint

Mangos, Ripe 2 ea.
Plum Tomatoes, washed 8 ea.
Craisins cup
Green onions (white & green) inch dice 1 cup
Garlic, minced 4 cloves
Jalapenos, thinly sliced - seeds removed 1 or 2
Fresh limejuice cup
Fresh cilantro, chopped 2/3 cup
Salt & Pepper to taste
Cholula hot sauce 1 tsp.
Chili powder 4 tsp.

1. Prepare the Mango- peel the mango and remove the meat from the seed-cut the mango into in. dice then place in a stainless steel bowl. 2. Cut the plum tomatoes into in. dice and place into stainless steel bowl with the diced mango. 3. Add the green onions, garlic, jalapenos (1 or 2- depending on how hot you like it), limejuice, cilantro, salt, pepper, Cholula Sauce and chili powder. 4. Blend well- Do Not Over Mix. Refrigerate for two hours before serving. Makes 1 pint

Recipe provided by Anthony C. Seta, C.M.C.