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Lobster Pasta
Lobster Pasta
2 Live Maine lobsters
1 lb pasta 16 oz heavy cream
1 pack sundried tomatoes
1 med onion In a large pot of water add
1 cut onion(just chop nothing fancy)

Add to this water some old bay seasoning to taste. As the water is boiling say goodbye to your little friends. Add the lobsters to the water and cook about 10 minutes. Remove from the water but keep the water boiling(it is the water that we will cook the pasta in soon). Add the tomatoes to a food processor and pulse to chop. As smooth or chuncky as you like. Now add the cream to the tomatoes in the processor and combine.(If the mixture gets to thick then add some lobster stock to thin it out a little bit. Now remove the meat from the tail and claws and cut into bite size pieces. Cook the pasta till "al dente". Drain and toss with the sauce sprinke the pasta with the lobster and serve.