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Grandma Stock's Tenderloin with white pepper gravy
Grandma Stock's Tenderloin with white pepper gravy
Serves: 4

1 1/2 pounds of 1 1/2" chunks of FRESH pork tenderloin
4 Tbl. Butter
4 Tbl. Flour
2 cups Whole Milk (at room temperature)
Plenty of freshly ground black pepper

Heat pan until fairly hot, drop in cubed butter and stir immediately taking pan off from stove if butter starts to brown. Add pork chunks turn heat to medium high and brown pork in the butter turning when each side is browned. Set pork aside but keep warm. shake four into pan (with a flour shaker) stirring with either a whisk or a wooden spoon to incorporate all of the "fond" (bits and bites of browned pork)on the bottom of the pan. Shake in more flour until you think the butter will hold no more flour (about 3-4 Tbl.) let the flour/butter mixture cook in the pan on medium heat until the flour taste is cooked away but the roux has not browned. Add some of the milk stirring quickly to incorporate. Allow the mixture to come to temperature and add more milk adjusting until the right (slightly thin) consistency is reached. Add salt and pepper. Add back the pork. Cook adjusting with the warm milk for a minute or two until the pork is warm enough and the sauce is JUST RIGHT.

This fine recipe performed by Chef Mike at Poole's Bar-B-Q in East Ellijay, Georgia on 12/10/2004