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Coconut shrimp with orange horseradish sauce
Coconut shrimp with orange horseradish sauce
5 large wild shrimp
½ cup shredded coconut
1/2 cup panko bread crumbs
2 whl eggs
¼ cup flour
Italian parsley
2 t oriental five spice
2 t salt

Add five spice and salt to flour Add a splash of water to the two eggs and beat with a fork Combine bread crumbs and coconut along with 1 T chopped parsley, blend in food processor While holding the tail of the shrimp begin by dredging Shrimp in flour then run through egg wash until moist, at this point coat thoroughly with coconut breading fry in preheated 350 degree deep fryer until golden brown and cooked all of the way through. For the sauce; 1 t orange zest ½ cup sour cream drained 1 ½ apricot preserves ½ T drained and pressed horseradish 1 t seasoned rice wine vinegar Pinch of kosher salt Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly

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