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Chef Mike's Fruit, Chocolate, & Mint Smoothy
Chef Mike's Fruit, Chocolate, & Mint Smoothy
Serves: 2

1 T Mint-Fresh
2 c Chocolate Soy Milk
1 Ripe Banana
2 c Frozen Mixed Fruit

Place mint in blender container, pulse to mince mint. Add Soy Milk (or water) and ripe banana , pulse until slightly blended, add prepackaged frozen fruit, Blend until pureed.

ChefNote: We use prepackaged frozen mixed fruit from Publix. From the kitchen of Mike & Deanne 10/22/04 Prepared by Kathleen Daelmans and Vanessa Parker with ChefandtheFatman at Rich's/Macy's on 02/12/2005. Mike Stock substituting for Chef Fred G.