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Caribbean Cabbage - the Jamaican way
Caribbean Cabbage - the Jamaican way
1 medium to large Cabbage
½ cup water
4 Tb Butter
Red & Green Bell Peppers
Pepper flakes or Scotch Bonnet pepper chopped and seeded
Shredded Carrots
1 TB Brown Sugar
Black Pepper
Season Salt

Combine all ingredients and cook over medium heat until cabbage is wilted but still retains crunch

, these recipes were performed in the blazing sun at New Birth Missionary Church in Lilburn on 9/18/2010 for the Caribbean Cook-Off show. Chef Erik Holdo, assisted by Mike Stock & B.J. Culver performed the cooking and some of the eating, while Kevin (Fats) Jenkins and his lovely wife Karen ran the microphone and the technical side of the show.