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Cajun Smoked Chicken
Cajun Smoked Chicken
Serves: 3

3 Boneless skinless chicken breast
Favorite seasoning blend (chef Pauls, Emeril's ) because CnFM Love rub is not yet available.
Table top smoker
Red beans and rice: See additional Recipe for "Something Extra Red Beans"

Season chicken with your favorite spice. Prepare smoker by adding chips*** to the bottom. Placing the rack on top. Place the chicken on the rack and replace the cover. Place on the burner and get it going on med high. Use Zatarain's red beans and rice (See additional Red Bean Recipe) to make this dish complete.

*** The chips- remeber soaked chips give a long lingering less intense smoke, where as dry chips give a strong intense smoke and cook faster. These fantastic recipes prepared by Chef Fred and The Fatman on Wed. March 30th at "The Good Life" Cigar Shop.